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» We are hiring
In FrostCard we are always looking forward to meet new people who are willing to improve a bit every day. You can be part of our staff. We would like to hear from you, whether to greet us or to, together, plan the near future of this company.
We have an ingenious, committed, ambicious and skillful team. If you think you can be part of it, just contac us.
US SRL, is a leading provider of prepaid cards and alternative financial services.
Our products are intended to solve those problems encountered when trying to make online purchases without a credit card, or when problems arise even though we have one.

» Since our beginning in 2012, more than a 1000 Players have trusted us and chosen our financial solutions, positioning Frost Card as an important option in the online payment segment.
» To cope with this, Frost Card has adopted a strong security policy, a functional API and responsive and trained technical support. Our mission is simple: being able to provide our costumers the best online financial solutions.